Towards the Launch of Triumph Motorcycles in Indonesia

    Towards the launch of Triumph Motorcycles in Indonesia, mid September 2014, PT Triumph Motorcycles Indonesia (TMI) will hold several activities to develop perception and create consumers excitement towards the brand and products.  The activities consist of:  creating and developing relationship with the Indonesian media; establish relationship with the customers through digital campaign and to inform the launch event through off-air activity.

    Media is the fastest and powerful way to reach customers.  Aware of the strategy, TMI first step was to establish its relationship with Chief Editors of automotive, lifestyle, business and general media in Indonesia.  TMI invited Chief Editors from 35 national leading media through a luncheon event which was held for 4 days in a row.  Through this activity TMI hopes that the Chief Editors will recognize and understand the uniqueness and excellences of Triumph products.  And the information will be delivered to editors in their own media.  The impact that TMI expected from this activity is the media have the same perception about Triumph Motorcycles and the next information will be much easier to absorb by the target media.

    Media relations were also develop through a 3-days Media Workshop in Jakarta, which was participated by Senior Editors, Editors and Reporters from national dailies, automotive and lifestyle publications, on-line media and bloggers.  TMI shared “For the Ride” philosophy to the media; the history, business, lifestyle and technology owned by Triumph Motorcycles. 

    Campaign to create the same perception about Triumph Motorcycles and the information of Triumph products in Indonesia were also done through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Apps.  The consideration to utilize social media is that through a survey, big bike riders in Indonesia are using their gadgets to find information in their daily activity.

    TMI also creates customers excitement through a unique way that will be done in potential residential areas of Triumph’s target market.  The pre-launch event will be an activity to display a container with one unit of Triumph motorcycle inside the container in 5 prestigious shopping malls in Jakarta and Serpong (Jakarta’s suburb).  Visitors will be requested to see the content through a peeping hole and they have to guess what kind of motorcycles is inside the container.  Visitors approaching the container will hear the engine roars from motorcycle inside the container.

    With these massive and unique ways of distributing information, we believe that public will be very exciting in seeing the arriving of Triumph Motorcycles in Indonesia.

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