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Our new Tiger Explorer adventure motorcycle is packed full of new rider-focused technology to ensure superb handling stability and control that can be tailored to your personal preference, letting you get the most out of your ride, whether on road, trail or byway.

The Tiger Explorer range is divided in to two distinct model variants. The XR series is optimised for road use, while the XC models thrive in more rugged terrain, but both are equally happy when the roles are reversed making them perfect all round Adventure bikes.

The unique-in-class 1215cc triple engine delivers more power, more torque and improved fuel consumption, smoothly and progressively across the whole rev range.

Triumph Semi active Suspension (TSAS)

The new Tiger Explorer’s performance is given a new level of dynamism on the XCX, XCA, XRX & XRT models with the addition of the ground-breaking Triumph Semi Active Suspension System. This allows the rider to electronically control the adjustment of the front and rear suspension damping, automatically adapting the rear shock absorber pre-load settings to reflect the terrain being covered and load carried, to provide optimal grip and drive in any situation.

The system uses an inertial measurement unit which incorporates 3 gyros and 3 accelerometers to continuously measure the bike's roll, pitch and yaw as well as longitudinal & lateral accelerations. The chassis central unit then uses this information, along with suspension position, swing arm position, wheel speed sensors, brake pressure and twist grip, to calculate the damping settings. All designed to deliver an engaged, confidence inspiring ride.

Optimised Cornering ABS & Traction Control

To give the rider the handling, control and response they want, when negotiating well-made roads and broken terrain in all conditions, the new Tiger Explorer offers as standard multi-channel switchable ABS and traction control on the entry level XR model. The other four models come with cornering-optimised ABS and traction control, to ensure superb stability even when approaching the most challenging apex.

The XRX, XRT XCX, AND XCA models all feature an Inertial Measurement Unit. Through a series of strategically positioned sensors, the unit monitors and responds to the bike’s movement status. The unit calculates the lean angle of the bikes and uses this measurement to ensure greater stability by optimising the performance of the ABS and traction control systems which helps control slip situations while cornering. Corner optimised braking controls the maximum applied pressure, depending on the lean angle of the bike, by modifying the front and rear braking balance. The result is a system which, in an emergency, a controlled stop is greatly improved.

Hill Hold Control

The Tiger Explorer XRT and Tiger Explorer XCA offer a new hill hold control feature that prevents the motorcycle rolling back or forward when setting off on a steep incline or decline. This feature is particularly beneficial when the motorcycle is fully loaded or carrying a passenger.

The feature is activated by the rider pulling sharply on the front brake while stationary. The system then maintains the pressure when the front brake is released, to hold the bike stationary without having to use the front or rear brake. The hill hold function simply deactivates automatically by riding off normally.

Riding Modes

Riding Modes

The new Tiger Explorer family makes full use of Triumph’s impressive Riding Mode technology to offer a choice of up to five Riding Modes, four which are pre-set and one which can be programmed by the rider – which alters the configuration of the bike to suit riding style, road and weather conditions.

Each Riding Mode changes the engine map, the levels of ABS and Traction Control, and where fitted, the damping set-up of the TSAS system and power.

Riding Modes: ROAD

Maximises comfort and riding pleasure, particularly over long distances. The ABS and Traction Control settings ensure great stability and optimise braking on paved surfaces. The engine map is set to make the most of the smooth delivery of power over asphalt or similar surfaces. The TSAS (if fitted) will provide the optimal setting for road use.

Available on all Tiger Explorer models

Riding Modes: RAIN

Specifically developed for use over wet and slippery surfaces, the engine map reduces power, the Traction Control setting minimises rear wheel slip for enhanced control and the ABS setting prevents lock-up, avoiding uncontrolled skids. The TSAS (if fitted) features a soft set-up to improve grip.

Available on all Tiger Explorer models

Riding Modes: OFF-ROAD

Designed to enhance the ride and pleasure of covering broken ground, the Traction Control and ABS settings are adjusted for optimised off road performance. The TSAS system has been specifically calibrated for this mode, optimising the damping response for enhanced control in off-road conditions.

Available on Tiger Explorer XRX/XCX. XRT/XCA

Riding Modes: SPORT

Exploits the full potential of the Tiger Explorer’s triple engine by providing a more direct throttle response. The setting of the ABS ensures excellent braking performance on paved surfaces, while the dedicated setting of the Traction Control allows increased rear wheel slip compared to the road setting, for a more dynamic ride. The TSAS system provides firmer damping to take on and conquer the most demanding roads.

Available on Tiger Explorer XRT/XCA


The perfect setting for riders who wish to configure the ride to their own style, performance and enjoyment.

Available on Tiger Explorer XRT/XCA

Triple Engine

At the heart of the Explorer is a unique 12 valve, 1215cc in-line three cylinder unit that generates incredible wall of linear torque 123NM at 6200 rpm and in fact 139ps at 9300rpm of power from the largest capacity engine in the segment.

To make the best use of its power, the new Tiger Explorer makes use of a hydraulic torque assist clutch to reduce lever effort and long-time rider fatigue. All New Tiger Explorer models feature a 6 speed gearbox in which the top gear is set high to make cruising long distances both easy and fuel efficient. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a low-maintenance final shaft drive.


The new Tiger Explorer also features a new exhaust system that not only helps with the engine performance and achieving compliance with the Euro 4 emissions standard, but also gives the family a distinctive, resonant exhaust note unique to a Triumph triple engine.



The chassis in the new Tiger Explorer has been designed to add a new level of dynamism to adventure riding. The addition of market leading adjustable WP suspension provides an enviable balance of comfort and control on the entry level models which is further enhanced by the inclusion of the all new Triumph Semi- Active Suspension system TSAS on the XRX, XRT, XCX & XCA

The inclusion of the technologically advanced, radially mounted Brembo monobloc calipers, is a further demonstration of our focus on agility, control and performance in every aspect of the chassis, suspension and braking systems.



Contemporary crisp lines, technically crafted details and distinctive styling give the new Tiger Explorer a tough, assertive and commanding stance. It displays a modern beauty and proportioned muscularity that portrays the confidence and capability you would expect from Triumph.


The cockpit has been developed with one thing in mind, the rider. Refined ergonomics, all new switch gear and the inclusion of the latest LCD display ensures ease of use even at speed.

Electrically Adjustable Screen

The new Tiger Explorer sets a new level of rider focus in the segment. All models feature a first-in-class electrically adjustable screen that allows the rider to constantly tailor aero-protection and comfort whilst riding.

The Tiger Explorer XRT and Tiger Explorer XCA have the taller Touring screen as standard.


The seating, foot peg and bar position has been developed to ensure maximum rider comfort, whether sitting down putting in the miles, or standing up taking off-road in their stride. The inclusion of heated grips on all but the XR and heated rider and passenger seats on the XRT and XCA, ensure all year round, all climate rider and passenger comfort for the miles ahead.

Tiger Explorer Controls

The Details

Play the Video and watch Rhys Lawrey talks us through the New Triumph Tiger Explorer controls.


There is a comprehensive range of accessories to choose from to tailor the Explorer to the adventure ahead including: 

Aluminium rails that take the dedicated Expedition panniers and the high performance Arrow Silencer's (A9600611 & A9600720) both offering superb looks whilst remaining EU Homologated. Featuring genuine carbon fibre end cap and mounting strap. 

Tiger Explorer Reviews

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The perfect bike for the transcontinental adventurer. The new Tiger Explorer is available in 6 distinct models and in addition we have a low seat option on both the XRX and XCX.

Whether it’s for the daily ride to work or that once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the new Tiger Explorer has taken the adventure segment to a new level. The power, performance, technology, styling and equipment have all been designed, developed and engineered to enable you, the rider, to choose exactly the right model and set-up for your individual requirements.