Man on Triumph Bonneville Bobber


The Bonneville Bobber and all-new Bobber Black have a high level of specification for enhanced control, comfort, and safety.  Each one of its category leading technology components have been sensitively incorporated in to the distinctive Bobber silhouette and carefully hidden from view as not to interfere with the iconic clean lines.

The Bonneville Bobber makes use of category leading motorcycle technology features to maximise the enjoyment of your ride, including an Engine Control Unit (ECU) to ensure optimal engine performance, ABS to prevent wheel locking, switchable traction control, Road and Rain riding modes designed to maximise control and safety in different riding conditions,  an immobiliser with transponder incorporated into the key, and signature ‘Bonnie’ straight-line exhaust pipe run with hidden cat box. 

Cruise control comes as standard on the Bobber Black, with an easy to use single button function.



The latest generation ride-by-wire system brings an enhanced level of control to the Bonneville Bobber.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber switchcube controls detail

Riding ModesĀ 

Linked to the ride-by-wire system, the Bobber has two selectable riding modes - ‘road’ and ‘rain’ for greater control and safety. The two dedicated throttle maps can be selected via the handlebar mounted switch gear.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Instruments Detail



Switchable Traction Control

The Bobber incorporates a switchable traction control system that optimises the delivery of torque when traction is compromised to maximise rider safety and control.


Torque-assist clutch

The torque-assist clutch system brings a light touch and feel to the clutch control of the Bobber, helping reduce clutch lever effort for the rider, making it easier to ride for longer. The system also reduces the clutch packaging, allowing for a slimmer engine profile.






Triumph Bonneville Bobber Instruments Detail


The Bobbers have a stylish feature-packed single clock with a beautiful machined dial face, neatly housing a digital menu system, accessed by a handlebar mounted scroll button. Key features include: gear position indicator, odometer, rev counter, two trip settings, service indicator, range to empty, fuel level, average and current MPG, clock plus access to turn off traction control features.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Rear Light


The LED rear light, indicators and number plate light have each been sensitively incorporated in keeping with the Bobbers’ minimalistic look and provide a distinctive light pattern and greater power efficiency for long-term durability. 

The Bobber Black also features a full-LED multi-function headlight with distinctive Daytime Running Light and beautiful maker’s mark Triumph branding.

Please note that availability is governed by local market legislation - please check with your Triumph dealer for availability.

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