Everything feels right with the world

Our new Tiger Explorer is packed full of new rider-focused technology to ensure superb handling stability and control that can be tailored to your personal preference, letting you get the most out of your ride, whether on road, trail or byway.

The range is divided in to two distinct model variants. The XR series are optimised for road use, while the XC models thrive in more rugged terrain, but both are equally happy when the roles are reversed.

The unique-in-class 1215cc triple engine delivers more power, more torque and improved fuel consumption, smoothly and progressively across the whole rev range.

Riding Modes



The chassis in the new Tiger Explorer has been designed to add a new level of dynamism to adventure riding. The addition of market leading adjustable WP suspension provides an enviable balance of comfort and control on the entry level models which is further enhanced by the inclusion of the all new Triumph Semi- Active Suspension system TSAS on the XRX, XRT, XCX & XCA

The inclusion of the technologically advanced, radially mounted Brembo monobloc calipers, is a further demonstration of our focus on agility, control and performance in every aspect of the chassis, suspension and braking systems.


Choose your Explorer

The perfect bike for the transcontinental adventurer. The new Tiger Explorer is available in 6 distinct models and in addition we have a low seat option on both the XRX and XCX.

Whether it’s for the daily ride to work or that once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the new Tiger Explorer has taken the adventure segment to a new level. The power, performance, technology, styling and equipment have all been designed, developed and engineered to enable you, the rider, to choose exactly the right model and set-up for your individual requirements.